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Formed by long-time friends, Shine Social Media Management was established in 2021 with the purpose of creating and managing digital content for businesses on Instagram and other platforms. We prioritize personalized service, tailoring unique strategies for each of our clients. Our focus is to work closely with you to meet your needs and elevate the quality of your social media presence, intensifying the experience between brand, product, and service with the consumer.


Kyane Vives

Kyane is a journalist with a masters degree in Digital Management. From press office to digital journalism, she was a reporter for three years in the biggest media company of her country. After migrating to Australia in 2015, Kyane specialized in Digital Management. Founder of Shine alongside Lisa, Kyane has attended more than 30 clients in Australia in the recent years. She is responsible for content and strategy creation, customer service, brand positioning and digital management.


Lisa Martins


Lisa Lisa is a fashion designer specialized in Social Media Marketing from Orana Fashion Business College. After arriving in Australia, in 2017, she started a Business Management course, having graduated two years later. Lisa has been working as a Social Media Manager for over two years until she found Shine alongside Kyane.  She believes that social platforms give us a unique opportunity to connect and inspire people. Being specialized in beauty, lifestyle and fashion for digital platforms, Lisa has attended more than 30 clients in Australia.


Daniela Strazas


 couldn't be more grateful for having the Shine girls be my social media account managers. What they do is truly unique, not only mentioning how creative, talented, engaged, and professional they are but also their commitment to delivering all my content on time.

Roberta Rondelli

I Love Pizza owner

I’m very happy with the work that Shine is doing for our business. The team is very professional. Our social media has improved a lot with their experience. I do recommend their services. The girls rock!

Elisangêla Araújo

Lafine Cakes

No words can describe how grateful I'm to have crossed these girls path. My business has grown a lot due to the fact that they manage to capture much more than I try to say. I'll never get tired to recommend their services.
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